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The National Black Programmers Coalition (NBPC), formerly the Young Black Programmers Coalition (YBPC) was chartered and incorporated in 1979. Permanently headquartered in Houston, Texas, it is comprised of leading professionals from the communications, radio, leisure and music industries. The NBPC is a national trade organization and a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity. In 1993, the name was officially changed to the National Black Programmers Coalition to more accurately reflect the broadening scope of the organization's influence and support.

NBPC Objectives:

  • Establishment of scholarship funds for eligible trainees at specified schools of communications
  • Advancement of NBPC employment opportunities
  • Promotion of positive relations between media and the community
  • Facilitation of initial experiences such as intern-ships in commercial and media-related production
  • Collection and dissemination of statistics designed to improve working conditions of NBPC members
  • Conducting fund-raising activities for the benefit and operation of the corporation
  • Supporting African-American involvement in the mainstream American economy
  • Encouragement of Black ownership and financial participation in meaningful minority business enterprise programs.
Other NBPC projects include monthly workshops, a monthly newsletter, quarterly board of directors meetings and the annual Awards of Excellence Scholarship Banquet and National Convention. The NBPC currently has several regional chapters meeting monthly in major cities in the United States, representing nearly one thousand active members The NBPC's National Scholarship Fund currently awards $40,000 yearly to colleges and universities throughout the country, including eight United Negro College Fund schools. The operative dynamic which underlies the foundation of the NBPC has always been "survival." Central to this principle are three specific roles played by the organization:
  • Preservation - as restorer and protector of the Heritage of Black Radio
  • Maintenance - as caregiver, gatekeeper and protector of the Legacy of Black Radio
  • Continuance - as torchbearer, visionary and soldier for justice bringing the illumination of Black Radio into the Future

Street address:

Administrative Home Office 755 Donald Street
Mobile, AL 36617


Phone (251) 456-9175
Fax (251) 457-8012




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