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The NBPC Mission

At the 1976 convention in Miami, repeated attempts to be recognized through proper parliamentary procedure failed. But the voice of the Young Black Programmer could not be silenced. These programmers not only spoke for themselves and their stations - KOKY Little Rock, WOKJ Jackson, WVOL Nashville and KLUM Jefferson City - but for the communities each served. These young communicators clearly understood the responsibilities they had been given in representing their respective and collective staffs and audiences.

They shared similar concerns regarding conditions of employment, including poor salaries, job security insurance coverage, payola and plugola. They were also keenly aware of the expanding exploitation and main stream dilution of Black music and its artists.

It took only a few short months for the four to develop and institute a platform of priorities - principles which endure to this day. First, they established Memphis as a base of operation, ideal because of its central location and storied musical history.

Next, they initiated the recruitment of new members to activate the process of foundation numbers, "spreading the word" from station to station across America. And finally, the development of a formal agenda - a constitution - was undertaken. This doctrine for procedure would lay the foundation for the Young Black Programmers Coalition.

From the early underground days of uncertainty - buoyed by invaluable support from KGBC Galveston's Randy Sterling, MCA's A. D. Washington, Capitol Records' Barbara Lewis, programming "Doctor" Jerry Boulding, the "king of promoters Dave Clark and the beloved and immortal promoter's promoter Bill Magnus -to the days negotiating wholesale deals for the "Mom and Pop" retailers throughout the mid-South, and through the present day leadership of WGOK's Irene Johnson Ware and the National Black Programmers Coalition, the YBPC (now NBPC) has always been about affirming the


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