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Al Jai Wallace
As we progress through the first quarter of Y2K, it is our continuing challenge to position the NBPC for its larger mission in the years to come. But it is equally important that we lay the foundation for our immediate future growth and transformation into the efficiently run machine that we want to become. To that end, we have taken some important first steps in the past ninety days that we believe will promote that transition. A major benchmark is that we now have our new national home office up and running. Although it is housed in a temporary location, it is currently operating and functioning as the official NBPC clearinghouse. To all those members who were unable to attend the March meeting in Mobile, allow me to use this medium to introduce our new Acting Administrator, Ms. Hedi Butler.
Hedi is a graduate of Howard University, an accomplished writer, and a former editor of Black Radio Exclusive. She now runs her own marketing communications firm, Hed-Lines International, in her hometown of Baton Rouge. In our agreement with Ms. Butler, the NBPC will share space in her office and utilize her services to operate and maintain our administrative headquarters in the interim.
In this capacity, she will oversee the implementation of all new systems put In place to enhance the organization's efficiency and service to our membership. The systems will then be transferred to the permanent office location and staff once they are identified.
Setting up a national office - including the compilation of accurate and comprehensive databases for our various constituencies and functions - is no small task. But I believe it is in capable hands and we should already be experiencing the benefits of having a full-time and centralized point of contact.
Please take the time to call and welcome Hedi, a longtime NBPC supporter, to our ranks. You may also want to inquire, too, about the various systems being instituted to better serve you and offer any suggestions. The new office number is (504) 283-0444, 267-5659 (fax). The mailing address is: 6142 Pratt Drive New Orleans, LA 70122.
I am equally excited about the direction the NBPC newsletter is taking. Under the energized direction of Amanda Taylor, we have expanded our current circulation to include all urban radio stations and major record labels throughout the country. We recognize that the newsletter is an invaluable promotional tool for an organization and that the expansion of our reach and communication will most certainly stimulate the growth of our membership base.
Amanda has demonstrated a serious commitment to the timely publication and distribution of the monthly newsletter and we are indeed fortunate to have her involved on a continuing basis. The diligence, talent and expertise that she brings to this project will certainly help to Insure that our goal of having a full-fledged, sought-after industry trade publication wilt become a reality in the very near future.
Be sure to check the Calendar section of the newsletter this month for an updated listing of the dates and locations for the remainder of our monthly meetings this year. It reflects changes adopted during our recent meeting in Mobile, so please disregard any previously published information and consider this the NBPC meeting schedule of record.
Finally, many thanks to Toni Bell, who worked tirelessly to coordinate and make our "Platinum Power" Inaugural Weekend in January such an outstanding success. So many of you from radio and label staffs came out in support of our effort and I extend to all of you my most sincere appreciation. Of course, an event of this magnitude can be a logistical nightmare without the organizational assistance provided by people like Hedi Butler and Jill LeCesne. Again, my thanks to all of you !
But we have just begun this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more growth in the National Black Programmers Coalition in the year and beyond.


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