Welcome to the website of the National Black Programmer's Coalition! We're glad you decided to visit us, and we look forward to your comments and feedback.

The National Black Programmers Coalition is an industry based organization made primarily up of folks who work in radio, records, retail, trade magazines, who are artists, producers, mixers, club jocks,et cetera, or who just wanna be down.

It offers an opportunity for networking, learning from industry vets, mentoring, and even giving back by teaching some of what ever it is that happens to be your area of expertise. One of the most valuable networking tools you gain is the chance to learn about job opportunities, and even - upon occasion - get hired.

Our organization has accomplished a great deal over the years - including providing scholarships to students who major in the field of communications. We have also partnered with other national and local organizations to make a real difference in our community, to positively influence our youth, and to enlighten and empower citizens in the areas of health care awareness www.ndrugs.com, voter registration, drug prevention; and the reduction of violence.

On a national level, we have partnered with national campaigns such as "Do It For The Children Now", and we have undertaken to educate our members about issues such as radio consolidation, soundscan, broadcast data systems, and even payola. We also offer provocative and informative workshops in various cities throughout the year, in addition to those given at our annual national convention.

On regional levels, we have sponsored "Speak-Outs" during which we were able to effectively communicate with kids about issues that affect them (gangs, violence in schools, teen pregnancy...). Past workshops have ranged from radio production (how to use the newest in digital technology to cut a spot), to radio station ownership (how to put together financing), to employment contract negotiation (with radio stations, record companies, or other industry related fields), to street teams and how to utilize them, to record pools and how they can help push a record, to Internet technology. We've discussed how a label can effectively market its artists to radio stations, and how radio stations can market to its targeted demographic. There have been a number of other topics, but this gives you an idea of what the NBPC is all about.

We welcome ideas on future workshops, and we love to have new folks to put to work. It's also a wonderful opportunity to network, build relationships, learn from industry vets, and teach those who are new. The NBPC has been around for quite some time, and will be for some time to come. It's a worthwhile group of folks and very well worth the investment of time and the low low low dues payment of $180/year. We look forward to having you join us. Should you have additional questions about our organization, please feel free to email me at tbailey@NBPCInc.org.

Tori Bailey
National Website Coordinator
National Black Programmers Coalition



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